16 Week Of Pregnancy

Feelings On The 16th Week Of Pregnancy

16 week of pregnancy is an excellent time for the future mother. During this period, the woman feels much better, because the first months of pregnancy are left behind, filled with feelings and ailments due to the powerful hormonal changes.

Morning nausea, pulling sensations in the lower abdomen, a sudden change of mood. The sixteenth week of pregnancy is a time of calm and confidence in the future.

If we talk about how many months have passed since the beginning of pregnancy, then week 16 is the end of the fourth month of a baby’s life in the womb. What happens in a pregnant woman? Note the main feelings in this period:

Appears healthy appetite. The symptoms of early toxicities, which in some people begin immediately after fertilization, disappear. Mommy’s menu is greatly expanded. It is necessary to maintain intelligibility in the choice of products and make a diet, based on the usefulness of consumed dishes.

Begins rapid weight gain. It is not difficult for guess that this is a consequence of improved appetite. If in the first trimester a woman most often notices weight loss due to toxicities, now the body begins to catch up. The increase can be up to 3 kg from the moment of conception. The stomach on the 16th week of pregnancy is noticeably bulging, and it is already challenging to hide from others around your exciting position.

Frequent visits to the toilet. This is because the fetus at 16 weeks of pregnancy continues to increase. Together with the child grows and the uterus, which puts pressure on the bladder, causing the woman to more often look into the restroom.

Speeds breathe due to the pressure of the uterus on the diaphragm. It is recommended to remain calm, have a rest more and monitor your condition.

There is so-called physiological rhinitis, characteristic of the period of pregnancy. This is a temporary sign that passes over time.

Feel the first movements of the baby. The sensations in the stomach are still light and barely perceptible, they increase every week, and the woman has the opportunity to communicate with the baby with the help of tender inner touches.

Fetus At 16 Weeks Gestation

At 16 obstetric week of pregnancy, the fetus is already fourteen weeks. The pace of its growth and development is still high. Now, if you measure put hotel from the tailbone to the crown, the length will be more than ten centimeters. The body of the fetus becomes more proportional: the legs grow in length, and the head is no longer so significant about the organization. Fetal weight is now about eighty grams. For the future mother to better visualize how much the baby has grown, obstetrician-gynecologists compare in size to a crumb at 16 weeks of age with the average fruit of avocado.

His skeleton is being actively built. Muscle tissue of the unborn child is gaining its strength. He moves his limbs more actively. The muscles of his face allow the crumbs to open and close his mouth, to close his eyes. Since the neck muscles have also strengthened, the future child can now turn the head to the left and right.

Internal organs begin to master their functions – to shrink, release enzymes, and filter. Most actively for their work at the peso hotel on the sixteenth week are taken:

  • Liver;
  • Buds;
  • Bladder.

The heart of the little man already regularly pumps blood. At the 16th obstetric week, it is theoretically possible to establish the blood group and the Rh factor of the future baby.

Functions the stomach, intestines, gallbladder

On the face and head of the crumbs have already formed:

  • Mouth;
  • Auricles;
  • Eyes;
  • Cilia;
  • Eyebrows.

The fetus at this time, as before, it is essential to obtain all the nutrients in sufficient quantity for growth and development. That is, a pregnant woman should eat properly. It is best to eat several times a day, in small portions. Be sure to take high-protein food, because the pesos whitely now needs “building material.” This is meat and fish, dairy products. Vegetables and fruits in sufficient quantities will help to organize the work of the intestine. But spices, salt, smoked meats, highly allergenic foods should be excluded. They do not bring benefits; they can provoke or increase heartburn and constipation in the future mother.

What Month Of Pregnancy

The end of the sixteenth obstetric week corresponds to the end of the fourth obstetric month of pregnancy. Recall that in the obstetric month – 28 days, that is exactly four weeks, whereas in the calendar month – 30 or 31 days. If you count in calendar months, then the end of the sixteenth week corresponds to the third week of the fourth calendar month of pregnancy.


With a favorable course of pregnancy, doctors do not put restrictions on women in intimate life. Sex at this time is not a contraindication if there are no adverse symptoms. A gynecologist can only prohibit such cases as multiple pregnancies, low attachment of the placenta, and the likelihood of miscarriage.

Ultrasound Examination (Ultrasound) At The 16th Week Of Pregnancy

16 week of pregnancy is not included in the number of terms for a planned ultrasound examination. A gynecologist can send for an ultrasound scan only if the pregnant woman has complaints, or the test results deviate from the norm. Through testing, an ultrasound doctor can demonstrate to a woman what her baby looks like at 16 weeks.

The size of the fruit is about 117 mm, and the weight is about 80 grams. And it is not surprising since almost four months have passed since the fertilization of the egg and the beginning of the embryonic development of the baby. In the photo ultrasound, the expectant mother can even distinguish body parts, spine and ribs with her unprofessional look.

The Baby Already Looks Noticeably Grown Up, Reacts To External Stimuli And Actively Moves.

Some doctors can confidently determine the sex of the child at this time. However, it is worth noting that the error remains because the genitals are not yet fully formed. The photo on the 16th week of pregnancy is not yet informative; therefore, to know this boy or girl, it is better to wait for the ultrasound at a later date.

Tests On The 16th Week Of Pregnancy

A female consultation doctor will continue gynecological monitoring of the mother’s condition and development of the baby. In this period, in addition to standard tests (weighing, changing blood pressure, general urine and blood tests, determining the height of the uterus), additional examinations are scheduled:

A triple test to assess the level of the hormones thing. and stroll, as well as the α-fetoprotein protein (to help ensure that the fetus does not have malformations);

Intake of amniotic fluid from the uterus, or amniocentesis (this procedure is carried out only for serious medical reasons if you suspect a developmental disorder in the child);

Ultrasound of fetal development, doll aerometry (if there are complaints of a pregnant woman or test results are not normal).

Even if the doctor prescribed additional tests, do not be upset. Mom needs to remember that God protects the cherished: it is better to go through all the examinations and eliminate the occurrence of health problems at a later date.

Fading Pregnancy

Such a disappointing diagnosis can overshadow obstetric 16-weeks’ gestation as a missed abortion. It is about interrupting the intrauterine life of a child who, remaining in the uterus, stops its development. 16-18 week – the most critical period when the death of the fetus is possible.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine in which case such pathology occurs accurately. In most cases, this is influenced by several factors simultaneously. We list the most common causes of missed abortion:

  • The presence of a mother infection, which infected the fetus;
  • Rh-incompatibility of the child and mother;
  • Low levels of progesterone – a hormone that is involved in the formation of the menstrual cycle and is responsible for maintaining pregnancy;
  • Unhealthy lifestyle of the mother, unfavorable ecological environment;
  • Chromosomal abnormalities in the development of the fetus;
  • Abortions that have been done in the past.

With missed abortion, the life and health of a woman are threatened. Therefore, it is essential to notice the alarming signals coming from the body in time and consult a doctor. The gynecologist will prescribe additional examinations – a blood test for chg. and ultrasound. If it turns out that the hormone level has plummeted, and the ultrasound doctor confirms the missed abortion, then the woman is urgently hospitalized. The task of physicians at such a moment is to preserve the life of the mother and extract the lost fetus.

Suspicions Of Missed Abortion Cause The Following Signs:

  • Pain in the uterus;
  • Heavy discharge of brown color;
  • Fever, weakness.

Pregnancy is dangerous because it is impossible to diagnose it only by the sensations of a woman. Often, minor ailments are regarded as symptoms of healthy pregnancy. For timely detection of the problem and treatment, it is necessary for the expectant mother to regularly attend gynecologist’s techniques, follow all his recommendations and pass tests in due time.

Pain And Cramps

Painful sensations and spasms arising in different parts of the body are a signal to the expectant mother that it is time to rest, stop nervous and carefully follow the changes in the body. Of course, these recommendations are relevant if the pain is minor. Increased or increased spasms are a good reason for unscheduled visits to the gynecologist.

At The 16th Week Of Pregnancy Can Be Disturbed.

  • Pain in the ribs and lower back (after an extended stay in an upright position) caused by an increase in the size of the uterus;
  • Abdominal pain (cramps due to stretching of the muscles of the uterus);
  • Headaches due to overwork and increased blood circulation system work;
  • Pain in the legs due to edema and weight gain.
  • Bleeding and discharge

A slight increase in release at week 16 is not a cause for concern. This fact indicates an increase in blood levels of the hormone estrogen, which causes stretching of the walls of the uterus and ligaments. At the same time, it is necessary to monitor the change in color and nature of discharge; they can tell a lot about what is happening with the body of mother and child.

Watery Discharge.

They say that there may be leakage of amniotic fluid. Urgent consultation of a specialist is recommended.

Cheesy Discharge.

This is a sign of thrush – an infectious disease that often occurs in pregnant women due to a weakened immune system. The doctor after taking a smear will be able to prescribe a suitable treatment.

Yellowish discharge.

This may be pus due to an internal inflammatory process.

Bloody Issues.

Bleeding at week 16 is an alarming sign that speaks of a threat to a child’s life. It is urgent to call an ambulance.

Ng the temperature to the level of 37 degrees is a reasonable indicator for pregnant women. Experts explain this fact by the fact that the female body works in an enhanced mode, providing a vital activity for themselves and the baby. If the temperature rises higher, and concomitant symptoms appear in the form of a runny nose or a cough, then we can talk about a cold. It is necessary to begin treatment to prevent the condition from worsening.

During pregnancy, most medicines are prohibited to use, so you will have to resort to traditional methods of treatment. In this situation, the salvation will be sufficient fluid intake, rubdown, rinsing the throat and nose, rest and sleep.

From drugs to reduce the temperature, you can drink piracy ethanol. Aspirin should never be consumed.

At a temperature, it is strictly contraindicated to go to the bath and use mustard packages.

An urgent need to see a doctor if you saw a mark of 37.5 on a thermometer. Temperatures above 38 degrees are a severe threat to the life of the fetus.

Recommendations to expectant mothers

Prefer comfortable non-synthetic clothes and low-heeled shoes. Now is the time to think no more about beauty, but about convenience.

Take a walk in the fresh air, because steps have a beneficial effect on you and the child: the body is saturated with oxygen, the overall tone is increased.

Follow the food, introducing the rule – more vegetables and fruits, products containing iron and calcium.

Pay attention to your body: wear underwear made from natural fabrics, massage the abdomen and chest to prevent stretch marks.

Nutrition of the future mother

Balancing diet at week 16 is the key to a calm course of pregnancy and easy delivery. The main task of the future mother during this period is to provide herself and the baby with vitamins, but at the same time to prevent sudden weight gains. To do this, follow the basic rules:

Often Eat And In Small Portions;

More often eat cereals, bran bread, vegetables and fruits in sufficient quantities, lean meat and fish;

Rinse products thoroughly before use.

Drink at least 3 liters of the water throughout the day;

Give up coffee, strong tea and alcohol.

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