6 Fertility Questions You Would Rather Not Ask

Fertility Questions

You have some fertility questions but you are so shy to ask these. Well, you don`t have to be in the guessing game anymore because six of the most common but usually unasked questions are answered here.

1 of 6 Fertility Questions: Do a woman need to have an orgasm to get pregnant?

No. For fertilization and pregnancy to occur, the sperms should fertilize egg cells. The fertilized egg cells should be implanted into the uterus lining and that`s the start of pregnancy. The man should orgasm to achieve this but the woman does not need to. She only needs to release a mature egg cell and having orgasm is not needed to release an egg. But woman orgasm can help for faster pregnancy because the vaginal muscles` contraction helps sperm cells reach the cervix faster, thus, giving them more chances to fertilize the egg cells.

2 of 6 Fertility Questions: Should the woman stay lying to prevent the sperms from leaking out after the man ejaculates?

Doing that will help increase the odds of conceiving but it`s not really necessary. After ejaculation, the sperms can make their ways to find the egg cells. The vagina helps in the process by sloping backwards to keep the sperms. But experts suggest that to be sure, stay lying for five to 10 minutes. It will be better if you`ll put a pillow under your hips and stay on that for about 20 minutes. This will boost the sperms` chances of fertilizing the egg cells.

3 of 6 Fertility Questions: Is saliva helpful or harmful if we want to get pregnant?

Saliva is harmful because it can kill the sperms. Even artificial lubricants for the man or woman should be avoided because these can also kill the sperms.

4 of 6 Fertility Questions: Is there a certain position that helps achieve pregnancy faster?

Yes. Experts say that all sex positions can lead to conception. But not all of these can help you get pregnant faster. The missionary or man-on-top position is one of the best sexual positions because this allows deeper penetration for the penis and keeps the sperms inside for a longer period. Other positions are okay as long as these will help the sperms reach the egg cells faster and surer.

5 of 6 Fertility Questions: How many times should we have sex if we want it surefire?

This depends upon the man`s health. If the man is healthy, you can have sex once a day, ideally starting from six days before the predicted ovulation. Having sex every other day is ideal for older men or men with some health conditions. Most men need about a day or two to produce enough sperms for fertilization. So the every-other-day sex is the best for this.

6 of 6 Fertility Questions: Is it safe to continue dieting if I want to get pregnant?

It depends. According to a study, women in their ideal body mass index can get pregnant faster. So if you are overweight, dieting is okay. But if you are not, better keep with a healthy fertility diet.

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