Conceive Naturally Using Herbs

Conceive Naturally Using Herbs

With your options to conceive naturally, why would you still choose in vitro fertilization or other medically invasive and expensive procedures? There are herbs that can increase your odds of conceiving. But beware because there are also some herbs that can decrease your chances of getting pregnant.

Destructive Herbs for Fertilization

You can take any herbs to conceive naturally but make sure you get rid of the following herbs:

– St. John`s Wort. This can be helpful for some of your health conditions but not when you are trying to get pregnant. This herb can reduce your fertility level by damaging your reproductive cells, stopping the sperms from fertilizing the egg cells, and damaging the sperm and egg cells.

– Echinacea. Aside from reducing your fertility, this herb can also cause some genetic mutations to your baby. It also damages the reproductive cells and hinders successful fertilization.

– Ginkgo Biloba. With this herb, memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer`s disease can be cured. But for fertility, it can`t be a good idea. This herb has anticoagulant, which can increase your risk of miscarriage. It may also hinder successful pregnancy because it potentially prevents implantation of embryo into the uterus lining.

The saddest part is, many pills to conceive naturally have these herbs. Watch out for these three and never use a pill with these herbs.

Helpful Herbs for Fertilization

Good thing, there are still some herbs helpful to conceive naturally. Here are some of these herbs:

– Agnus Castus. This herb regulates your hormone, thus, helps you get pregnant if you have problems with irregular periods and hormonal imbalance. This herb is also helpful for women prone to miscarriage.

– Red Clover. Almost everyone knows that this herb enhances fertility to conceive naturally. Aside from that, this herb is rich in protein, calcium, and B vitamins. Red clover helps detoxify the blood as well.

– Damiana Leaf. This is very famous as an aphrodisiac and is used by males with impotence problem. But today, this leaf is already a reproductive system stimulant. But take this herb at the minimum because over dosage will most likely result to over-stimulation.

– Black Cohosh. Famous for menopausal symptoms treatment, this herb is also used to treat menstrual dysfunction. It`s also found to mimic estrogen, making it useful for female infertility.

– False Unicorn Root. Your ovaries can be regulated and the womb can be strengthened with this herb. However, this is already endangered specie, making it more costly and should only be used when really necessary.

– Wild Yam Extract. This contains the so-called “plant estrogen.” This can produce the same effect as estrogens, which can be helpful for women with infertility problems. Wild yam extract is also useful in relieving morning sickness symptoms for pregnant women.

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