Difficulties Getting Pregnant – Reasons Behind and Some Solutions

Difficulties Getting Pregnant

How will you think difficulties getting pregnant are possible if there are many unwanted pregnancies? Believe it or not, there is a certain study saying that getting pregnant is more possible for women who don`t want to get pregnant. Meanwhile, chance of getting pregnant is lesser for women who badly want to have a child.

Sounds ironic? Indeed, the world is so unfair. But there are many things you can do even if you are experiencing difficulties getting pregnant. It all starts by equipping yourself with more knowledge about the matter.

More Difficulties Getting Pregnant As You Age

According to experts, the most ideal stage to try getting pregnant is in the mid 20s. This is the peak of women and men fertility. This means that you have the healthiest egg cells and sperm cells at this time. But how many women and men would want to start a family and end their careers as early as in their mid-20s?

Most couples will prioritize other things first before prioritizing getting pregnant. The problem is, there are more difficulties getting pregnant as you age.

A French study showed that women in their 30s have 75% chance of getting pregnant within a year. When you reached 35, your chance will drop to 66% and 44% when you reached 40. Only after four years that you can have as much as 90% chance of getting pregnant.

More Difficulties Getting Pregnant With Deteriorating Health

Aside from age, your health condition also contributes to difficulties getting pregnant. As you age, you also experience different health conditions that, sad to say, can affect so much to your fertility. Endometriosis is one of the many health conditions that will affect your getting pregnant mission.

Add to that the number of miscarriages that is increasing as you age. So, even if you can get pregnant, you are still at risk of not staying pregnant.

Solutions to Difficulties Getting Pregnant

Although there are many issues and reasons why you have some difficulties getting pregnant, it`s also good to note that there are a lot of solutions at hand. First thing in mind is to consult a specialist. Do this only if you are having some difficulties getting pregnant after one year of trying. But if you are 35 years old or older, you should seek special attention after six months of unsuccessful trying. The fertility specialist will recommend the best solution for your condition like taking fertility pills, indulging in fertility exercises, or undergoing some medical procedures.

You can also try to solve your difficulties getting pregnant by eating a balance diet, charting your ovulation, and staying away from things that hinder pregnancy. If you will choose it DIY, you should still seek help from experienced professionals like Christena Williams. She, too, has experienced infertility and was able to conquer it using natural techniques and remedies. You can do that,

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