Effects of Vaping on Pregnancy


Protecting their unborn child from any form of harm is every expectant mother’s priority. Many expectant women will quit their drinking and smoking habits as a way of protecting their unborn children from being affected by the released toxic substances. Being relatively new to the scene, most people do not know where to categorize vaping: if it is a pregnancy don’t or otherwise. The main source of the confusion is the fact that vaping is considered healthier to smoking. For an expectant woman however, this doesn’t really apply. Vaping during pregnancy can affect your unborn child in unimaginable ways. For those that are not pregnant, visit some sites online for juice.

Insufficient Nutrient Supply

The health of the fetus depends on the mother’s ability to provide sufficient nutrients. The nutrients are usually transported to the baby by blood through the placenta. Electronic cigarettes contain considerable amounts of nicotine. While vaping, a user inhales the vapor, laced with nicotine directly into their lungs where it is absorbed. A well-known effect of nicotine is its constriction of the blood vessels. When used in large quantities, nicotine narrows the lumen of various blood vessels. When the blood vessels are narrow, there is a reduced supply of blood to the placenta. It therefore follows that there is an interruption in the supply of nutrients to the unborn child. This can negatively affect the growth and development of your baby.

Another effect of the narrowing of the blood vessels is that it cuts or limits the supply of oxygen to the baby. Besides affecting the growth of the baby, insufficient oxygen supply might result in still births among several other pregnancy complications.

Risk of Hypertension

Expectant mothers are often vulnerable to conditions such as hypertension. Due to its effect of constricting the blood vessels, vaping causes the heart to pump extra hard. This can often result in high blood pressure, especially for a pregnant woman. High blood pressure affects the mother as well as the unborn kid. One of the risks hypertension exposes during pregnancy is that of still birth or underdeveloped child. There are also instances in which pregnant women with hypertension have to go through cesarean section to deliver.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

Despite popular belief that vaping doesn’t expose you to any toxic substances, there are actually a number of substances that might be harmful to an unborn child should the mother vape. Besides nicotine itself that is very harmful to the fetus, other chemicals are present in the vaping juice. Preservatives used in the vaping juice are an example of the substances that can compromise the health of your unborn child. Some of these preservatives are made of chemicals that cannot be fought off by the immune system of a developing child.

Quitting vaping during pregnancy protects the unborn child and the expectant mother as well. It prevents the risks of preterm deliveries, miscarriages, placental complications, ectopic pregnancies and low birth weight among other complications. Children born of vaping mothers stand the risk of suffering asthma, colic and mental instability.

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