Fertility Vitamins and Minerals For Faster Conception

Maybe you can`t get pregnant that fast because your body has insufficient fertility vitamins and minerals. Believe it or not, couples trying so hard to conceive have found relief from taking vitamins and minerals alone. You should definitely try taking some fertility vitamins and minerals first before undergoing painful, slow, and very expensive fertility treatments.

Fertility Vitamins

Here are some vitamins helpful for boosting up fertility and curing infertility:

Vitamin E

Lack of vitamin E already suggests an unhealthy reproductive system for both men and women. This vitamin is specifically important for the endocrine system. Without this, absorption of essential fats that are important to producing good hormones will not be possible. Producing healthy sperms and keeping these sperms healthy is also possible with enough vitamins E.

Some good sources of vitamin E are wheat germ, sunflower oil, dark leafy green vegetables, watercress, and pumpkin seeds. You can also take a vitamin E supplement everyday as an alternative.

Vitamin A

Other vitamins, minerals, and proteins can never be utilized without vitamin A. Although not directly helpful in curing infertility, vitamin A plays a very important role in boosting up the effects of other fertility vitamins and minerals you are taking.

Some foods rich in vitamin A are cod liver oil, liver, egg yolks, sea foods, and butter. A vitamin A supplement with at least 5000IU is also fine.

Vitamin C

Everybody knows that vitamin C boosts up the immune system. Aside from that, vitamin C also helps in improving the hormone levels that has dramatic effect to fertility. This vitamin also increases the fertility level while aiding better iron absorption. Vitamin C contributes to the healthiness of sperms while improving their movement.

Yellow and citrus fruits like oranges have high dosage of vitamin C. As an alternative, a woman can take 750mg up to only 1000mg of vitamin C everyday. Although helpful, women should regulate taking this vitamin because too much vitamin C can dry up the cervical fluid and make the vaginal environment acidic. Meanwhile, men are suggested to take about 1000mg of vitamin C.

Fertility Minerals

Not only fertility vitamins are important, but fertility minerals as well. Here are some minerals that can make you more fertile:


One study found that taking iron supplement regularly can increase a woman`s fertility by 40%. This is because iron is very helpful in achieving and keeping the balance of ovulation. Get more iron from whole foods, liver, and bitter melon.


This nutrient is very vital for a man`s fertility. This helps in producing healthier sperms and keeping the testicles healthy. Zinc is also known to increase sperm count.

Oysters are the best sources of zinc but you can also take zinc supplements as alternatives.

So many vitamins and minerals for fertility? The truth is, there are still many fertility vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that you should take to help cure infertility and increase your chance of getting pregnant. Not only fertility vitamins but other methods and procedures should be done to increase your chance.

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