Getting Pregnant Stories – Read Them, You Are Not Alone


Read some getting pregnant stories and you`ll know that you are not alone in trying silly things to get pregnant, to stay positive despite your doctor telling you can`t get pregnant, and by still hoping your baby will come. Where will you get these getting pregnant stories, anyway? The Web is a big venue for sharing pregnancy stories. But do you have any idea where you`ll get these stories? Here are a few websites where you can find getting pregnant stories:

Pregnancy Stories.Net. This website is one of the specialized online places for sharing getting pregnant stories. As the website says, it`s “a place to tell all your stories.” Besides, this is “pregnancy stories” website. Getting pregnant stories here are categorized into: Getting Pregnant, First Trimester, Second Trimester, Third Trimester, Labour and Birth, Twins and Multiples, Single Mothers, Newborns, Infertility, Pregnancy Loss, Complications, and Postpartum.

Do you have your own trying to get pregnant story to tell? You can submit your own story and share it to the world using this website. However, your story will be reviewed and edited for typos and grammar errors before being published.

The Adventurous Writer. This blogsite is actually dedicated for couples with infertility issues. It`s not primarily a getting pregnant stories blog but instead an informative website. You can still find interesting stories in this website, though. These stories keep on inspiring couples that are still struggling with infertility problems.

Pregnant Stories. This is another “place to share your stories and tips.” This website is not as comprehensive as the Pregnancy Stories but this site details getting pregnant stories from different people.

Pregnancy Stories by Age. Here, the stories you will find are getting pregnant stories from couples 43 years old and older. If you can relate with these people, then this website is certainly the best for you.

Stories of Pregnancy & Birth Over 44 Years Old. This website is similar to the Pregnancy Stories by Age but is more comprehensive than the first website.

Journeys: Stories of Pregnancy After Loss. Have you lost a child and is trying to get pregnant again? This website is the right stop for you. Getting pregnant after losing a child is not only difficult but very emotionally challenging. There are many what ifs that might hinder you to dream having a child anymore. But with the getting pregnant stories in this website, you will be inspired to continue trying.

There are many getting pregnant stories on the Web. Not only specialized websites can give you stories. Even general health, parenting, and family websites have some stories to tell. Try visiting some forums as well. Many couples are sharing their stories there. You could get your inspiration from these forums.

Read the story of Christena Williams also. She is the author of Getting Pregnancy Bible, which helped thousands of couples to get pregnant and have children. Her story is very inspiring that buying her book will be an instant thought. You can make your story a happy ending also, just like how Christena and other women did with the Getting Pregnancy. After all, it`s not yet too late to turn your dark story into a happy one.

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