How Quickly Can I Get Pregnant – Factors Affecting the Speed of Conception

Quickly Can I Get Pregnant

Couples trying to get pregnant often ask, “how quickly can I get pregnant?” Actually, it`s simpler to ask that question rather than answering it. The answer to how quickly can I get pregnant varies from person to person because the length of your waiting period is dictated by several factors.

Factors Affecting Speed of Conception

There are certain determinants that affect the answer to how quickly can I get pregnant like the following:

– Age. Experts say that the best time to try getting pregnant is in your 20s. During this period that our body is in its best built to conceive. However, because many women want to prioritize other things over getting pregnant, many women today try getting pregnant in their late 30s or early 40s. According to experts, as a woman ages, her chance of conceiving decreases. This also means the speed of your getting pregnant lessens as you age.

– Timing. Having intercourse at the most fertile period or starting three days before the ovulation period will most likely result to pregnancy. Having sex after the predicted ovulation or far too early before the ovulation will not result to pregnancy. That means, for as long as you don`t hit the right day, you`ll keep on trying and make it longer to get pregnant.

– Health. How healthy are you to get pregnant? The answer to how quickly can I get pregnant is also influenced by how well your body is. If you are happy, stress-free, in the right body weight, and living a healthy lifestyle, you are most likely be faster to get pregnant see this web for best fitness tips after pregnancy.

– Lifestyle. This factor is connected to health because your health is dictated by your lifestyle. If you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, say you smoke or consume alcohol, your chances to get pregnant fast is very low. But if you are practicing a healthy lifestyle, your chance to get pregnant is faster.

Now that you know the factors affecting the answer to how quickly can I get pregnant, you can now start doing some ways increase your odds for faster pregnancy.

Tips for Faster Conception

You can`t change the factors affecting the answer to how quickly can I get pregnant but you can control how these factors will work for you. Here are some tips to increase your chances for faster conception:

– Enough sex at the right fertile days. Every month, you have 20% chance to conceive. You miss it and you will have to wait again for another month with the same chance to get pregnant. Increase your success rate by having sex once everyday starting three days before the predicted ovulation day. This dramatically increases you chance to be in the 20% success rate.

– Lead a healthy lifestyle that is ideal for a conceiving mother. Have a balanced diet, be happy, and have simple physical exercises. All these helps for faster pregnancy. Along with it, you should avoid unhealthy vices like smoking and consuming alcohol.

You can`t really dictate how fast you`ll get pregnant no matter what method you use. But at least, you can increase the speed of your conception by doing these tips and by being more knowledgeable.

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