How to Get Pregnant ASAP For Couples 34 Years Old and Younger

It`s understandable to ask how to get pregnant ASAP if you are 35 years old or older. But if you`re asking the same question yet you are younger, then there must be something wrong with you. Having “something wrong” with you is not a reason to rush to your doctor, though. It only means you might not be following the right procedures to get pregnant at your prime and healthy age. To start with, better use the “predicting ovulation” method properly.

Using Ovulation Procedure for Women with Regular Periods

Sometimes, the problem with young and healthy couples is that they are not having sex at the right timing. “Right timing” means you are not having sexual intercourse during the days that are supposed to increase your chance of getting pregnant.

To do this method on how to get pregnant ASAP, you should be able to predict when will be your most fertile day. Assess the changes in your body for two or three months. The slight rise of body temperature is one of the signs that you are fertile. But it does not mean you should have sex only when your body temperature rises.

Experts say you should have sex about six days before your body temperature will rise. This is because egg cells can only live up to 24 hours but sperm cells can stay alive and kicking inside a woman`s body for 72 hours. Having sex everyday, six days prior to ovulation, will increase your chance of getting pregnant even if you have predicted ovulation two days earlier or later.

It`s also better to have sex too early than do it too late. Having sex after the ovulation will only give the slightest hope that you`ll be pregnant—and that`s not a way on how to get pregnant ASAP.

For Women With Irregular Periods?

What About women with irregular periods? Can they have an answer on how to get pregnant ASAP, too? Actually, if you have irregular periods, your chance of getting pregnant is smaller but you can still do ways to be pregnant and do it faster.

Experts suggest, women with irregular periods should have sex nine days after the first day of their menstruation and continue doing that everyday for the next seven days. Having sex everyday can lessen the sperm count, though, which is certainly not a way on how to get pregnant ASAP. That is why having sex every other day starting day nine is recommended. In fact, a 1997 study said that having sex every other day is most likely to result to pregnancy than having sex everyday.

Love Making

The regularity of having sex is very important for a method on how to get pregnant ASAP. But experts agree that this should not be a baby-making process but instead a love-making process. Putting sex on schedule stresses you out, which is a great contributory factor to infertility. Have fun and make having sex fun for the both of you. If you both enjoy what you are doing, you are also making your way closer to getting pregnant and that`s a way on how to get pregnant ASAP.

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