How to Get Pregnant Really Fast – 5 Ways for Faster Conception

You`re already in your late 30s when you started trying to get pregnant—you`re running out of time! You`re probably asking how to get pregnant really fast by this time. Although patience is a virtue, being patient when your time is already running out is something you can never do. So be quick and follow these 5 ways for faster conception:

1. Increase Sexual Activities at the Right Time. You can`t have sex three times everyday. That will lessen the number of sperms and will eat up your energy when it`s already the right time to have sex. The way on how to get pregnant really fast is to familiarize your ovulation cycle. Have sex once everyday starting three days before the predicted ovulation period. Doing this radically increases your chance of getting pregnant.

2. Do It Using the Right Position. No study can prove the connection of sexual position and how to get pregnant really fast. But it doesn`t need a genius to think that gravity plays a very important role in conception. Some fertility experts even believe that using a position that will keep the sperms inside the vagina is the best. One of these is the missionary position or man-on-top position. Some say putting a pillow under the hips for some minutes is helpful also in keeping the sperms inside. Don`t buy that expensive fertility pillow, though. It will just be a waste of money because a simple pillow can already do the trick.

3. Cure Infertility. Most couples try so hard, almost all way on how to get pregnant really fast but to no avail. If you are like them, you must be suffering infertility. For doctors, infertility is the inability to get pregnant after at least a year of trying. So if you`ve been trying for only some months, then you can`t see a fertility doctor yet. Keep on trying until they will consider you as infertile. If you are, don`t worry because 85% of infertile couples can still be cured using natural and medical procedures.

4. No to Things that Can Hinder Faster Pregnancy. You are not infertile, you are using the right position, and you have sex on the right days. But you can`t still get pregnant. You must be doing things or eating the foods that hinder pregnancy. If you are an athlete, better stop doing strenuous physical exercises for a while. Too much physical pressure hinders ways on how to get pregnant really fast because it disrupts the normal ovulation cycle. Some foods and common household chemicals can hinder fast pregnancy as well.

5. Be Happy. A stressful lifestyle leads to physical and emotional breakdown that will also hinder ways on how to get pregnant really fast. So be happy by thinking happy thoughts, doing things that will make you happy, and being with someone that can make you happy.

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