How to Get Pregnant Safely – 4 Safety Tips for You and Baby

get pregnant safely

When you ask “how to get pregnant safely,” you should not only be wary about your safety when conceiving but your future baby`s safety, too. Whatever you do to your body now will highly affect your baby. So, when you follow these safety tips, you are not only making everything better for your conception, you are also molding a brighter future for your child.

Here are the 4 “how to get pregnant safely” tips for you:

1. No caffeine. Different studies have different views about drinking coffee when trying to get pregnant. But most of these studies tell that drinking caffeine-rich beverages like coffee can decrease your odds of conceiving.

A study in the Netherlands said that caffeine reduces a woman`s chances of successfully conceiving by about 26%. Meanwhile, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology published a study saying that women who drink at least two cups of coffee in the first three months of pregnancy is at higher risk of miscarriage.

As early as now, better stop drinking coffee. If you can`t, you can take decaffeinated coffee as a good alternative.

2. No Smoking. Another way on how to get pregnant safely is to stop smoking. You can do this cold turkey or not but make sure you have already kicked out the smoking habit before you become pregnant.

Nicotine and other dangerous elements from smoking cigarette decrease your chance of conceiving. Aside from that, these elements increase your risk of miscarriage. The worst part is, cigarette, up to third-hand smoke, can affect the unborn child. It can cause irreversible physical and mental defects that your baby will suffer for the rest of her life.

You can try non-drug techniques to quit smoking as a way on how to get pregnant safely. These techniques include laser therapy, hypnosis, nicotine gum, and patch.

3. No Alcohol. A glass a day or a month may be a small amount and could not hinder in anyway to how to get pregnant safely. But experts agree that even the smallest amount of alcohol can already cause some birth defects to the unborn child. Much more if you are trying to conceive, alcohol can be your worst enemy.

There is about 26% increased risk if you drink at least three times a week. So, as early as now, you should already stop drinking any alcoholic beverages. If you are having a hard time, there are many programs specially made for trying to conceive couples to quit drinking.

4. No Stress. Trying to get pregnant can surely be stressful and sometimes, exhausting. But you should never give up to stress now. Stress will never help you on how to get pregnant safely. It will only decrease your chances of conceiving. It may be difficult to be happy at the time of failure but you can always try to be happy. Remember, you will be a parent soon—you should be stronger.

For some people, these 4 ways on how to get pregnant safely can be easily done. But for some who are addicted to coffee, cigarette, and alcohol, all these can be difficult tasks. Will you take the risk and still drink a cup of coffee, smoke cigarette, drink a shot of alcohol, or be defeated by stress? Stop now than stop later

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