How to Get Pregnant with Twins Naturally – Ways to Increase the Odds of Having Twins

Then, there was no answer on how to get pregnant with twins naturally. You get pregnant with twins by chance. People even say having twins is a lucky charm. Perhaps that`s because of the 50-50 chance of conceiving twins.

But today, the question to how to get pregnant with twins naturally is already answerable. In fact, there are more twins today than there were 20 years ago. And as time advances, people have more and more ways on how to get pregnant with twins naturally. Here are some of the tricks you can do to increase your odds of conceiving twins—naturally:

1. Live in places where the rate of twins is higher. Most people will think this is just a popular myth not until they knew that this is suggested by a scientific study. Trends in Twin and Triplet Birth said that US states like New Jersey, Nebraska, Connecticut and Massachusetts have higher twins rate. It also said that living in these states will increase your chance of having twins by 25%.

If you believe in this, then you should live in Nigeria. This country in Africa has an estimated one twin in 22 births. Never live in Asia, though, especially in China, where the twinning chance is only one in every 300.

2. Eat lots and lots of yams. National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs said that eating more yams boosts up any method on how to get pregnant with twins naturally. They suggest that the chemical composition of yams makes a woman ovulate more, thus, increases her chance of conceiving multiple babies.

3. Be tall or overweight. American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology study reported that there is a dramatic increase in twin births to mothers with body mass index of at least 30. Women who belong in the top 25th height percentile are most likely to have twins, as well.

4. Be 35 years old or older. Starting at 35, women have increasing chance of conceiving twins. The only problem is, this method on how to get pregnant with twins naturally can actually hinder pregnancy. It`s because as you age, you become more and more infertile.

5. Have folic acid supplements regularly before trying to get pregnant. You can get a 40% chance for a successful how to get pregnant with twins naturally if you take folic acid supplements. In a trial done by La Trobe University Center for the Study of Mothers` Health, they found out that women who took folic acid before trying to get pregnant have more chances of conceiving twins. However, this how to get pregnant with twins naturally is still under further study and research. If you really want to have twins, taking folic acids before trying to get pregnant won`t hurt. In fact, it will increase your chance to really get pregnant.

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