Infertility Problem and Its Six Common Causes

In United States alone, about 10% of couples have infertility problem. More or less 30% of the infertility problem is caused by a woman while the other 30% is caused by a man. The remaining 40% is caused by unexplained factors that both man and woman are involved.

The good news is, almost all cases of infertility are curable. You only need to make sure you are infertile. If you are 35 years old and older, you are infertile if you`ve been trying to get pregnant for six months. If you are younger, you must have been trying at least one year to be considered infertile. Now, if you are infertile, you should determine what have caused your infertility problem. After determining the cause, you can already start treating your condition Read More.

Here are the six common causes of infertility problem:

1. Endometriosis. This condition happens in women who have uterine tissues found outside of their uterus. Women having endometriosis experience pelvic pain, painful periods, and painful intercourse.

If this is your problem, you can be cured by taking fertility drugs combined with artificial insemination. This will have about 8% to 17% success rate. Surgeries will have about 20% to 50% success rate while assisted reproductive technologies (ART) will give you about 20% to 30% curing possibility.

2. Ovulation Problems. You have this if you have a condition wherein the normal release of egg cell from the ovaries is prevented. This can be caused by abnormal menstrual bleeding, no period, or infrequent periods. If this is the cause of your infertility problem, you will be cured by using in vitro fertilization and/or fertility drugs. After the treatment, up to 90% of couples are expected to ovulate and up to 60% of these will surely get pregnant.

3. Poor Egg Cell Quality. Some eggs have certain abnormalities preventing them to lead to pregnancy. There is no known cause for this but researchers suggest that it is caused by aging because as you age, the quality of egg cells decline.

For this, the possible treatment is in vitro fertilization using a donor`s egg cell or embryo. You`ll have at least 30% up to 50% chances to be cured and get pregnant with this treatment.

4. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. You have this condition if your small follicles did not mature or if you have hormonal imbalance that resulted to unpredictable ovulation. Irregular periods, obesity, acne, and excessive growth of hair are signs that you have this. To cure this infertility problem, you should change your lifestyle like eating healthily or exercising. Taking fertility drugs and undergoing in vitro fertilization are also advised.

5. Blocked Fallopian Tubes. With this condition, sperm cells cannot travel to the fallopian tubes and fertilize the egg cells. There are only two solutions for this—in vitro fertilization and surgery.

6. Sperm Allergy. About 2% of women have sperm allergy. If you do, your body is producing antibodies that kill the sperms and therefore make pregnancy impossible. Artificial insemination or ART can be used to treat this infertility problem.

The solutions to these infertility problems are so expensive and some are also invasive. You can try curing your infertility problem using natural methods for now.

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