Lifestyle During Pregnancy

Nutrition Features Of Pregnant Women

How to eat? What drinks to prefer, and what to refuse? Food addictions of pregnant women can be very unusual and often serve as a reason for jokes. Meanwhile, you should listen to them: after all, in this way, the body can “signal” the deficiency of any important substances. However, to go to extremes is also not worth it. Food should be quite diverse, natural, balanced and high-grade amino acids, vitamins and minerals. At the same time, there is no need to eat “for two”: excessive weight gain during pregnancy is not desirable and is punishable by special fasting days.

Sports Activities For Pregnant Women

Can I play sports? In addition to proper nutrition, regular moderate exercise is essential for the unborn child and his mother (of course, if the pregnancy is uneventful). After consulting with a gynecologist, a woman can choose the best way to keep fit and prepare for childbirth. If you wish, you can enroll in the school for pregnant women and begin joint workouts in the pool or yoga in the company of other expectant mothers.

What Else Is Allowed Pregnant?

Of course, pregnancy is a unique, critical period in a woman’s life. However, the “interesting situation” is not a reason to abandon the usual and favorite activities (of course, if they do not harm the health of the child). Observing reasonable restrictions, listening to the advice of the doctor and her own body, the expectant mother can work, travel, drive a car, have sex – that is, lead a full, active and exciting life.

School of future mothers

Within nine months, the expectant mother should learn a lot of things related to pregnancy, childbirth and childcare.

What Is The School Of Future Mothers?

There are many ways of education, and one of the most popular ones is schools (or courses) for pregnant women.

Here You Can Form Your Attitude To Unconventional Childbirth: Vertical, Home, Water, Etc.

Almost all private schools offer future activities for future mothers. Swimming is one of the few pleasures that doctors recommend for pregnant women unconditionally. Indeed, the water relaxes, gently massages the body, helping the child to take up the correct position, and in the meantime, the muscles receive the constant load.

Additional Classes In The Schools Of Future Mothers

In addition to the pool, women can offer a yoga course for pregnant women. Sessions with an instructor with the use of special tools allow you to completely relax and correctly take a pose without fear of excessive tension. In addition to physical training, yoga will enable you to relieve mental stress and provides a positive attitude.

Of course, the question of whether to attend school or limit reading of special literature should be decided by the woman herself – depending on her well-being, mood, and financial possibilities. Childbirth is a natural process with which the body can cope without your conscious participation. Want to help? You are welcome. The main thing is not to interfere.

Pregnancy: Beauty Issues

In spite of lack of sleep and seizure of life, we begin to take care of ourselves, because the mother must be beautiful and healthy. A woman is always a woman. She wants to look attractive on any segment of life, including during pregnancy. And what young mother doesn’t dream of returning the “pre-pregnant” figure as quickly as possible? Indeed, besides the joys of motherhood after giving birth, a woman often lurks, and the primary disorder is a very noticeable tummy, which, no matter how much you pull in, does not disappear anywhere, and the waist is not the same.

What Has Changed?

It is no secret that during pregnancy, the appearance of a woman changes. But if some changes are entirely expected and pleasant (rounded tummy, enlarged breasts), then others are of some concern. Most of all future mothers are upset with skin problems – increased pigmentation on the whole body and especially on the face (“mask of pregnant women”), skin rashes, stretch marks (stretch marks). Many of these problems are genetically determined, so coping with them is not easy. It is more reasonable to take preventive measures – to adjust the diet, use special creams, etc.

Main Problems

After giving birth, a woman may be disturbed by excess weight, a noticeable tummy, an ideal shapeless breast, and stretch marks. Thesis problems can be minimized if you start to take care of the appearance even during pregnancy.

What does Will help?

The struggle for a beautiful figure can be continued shortly after childbirth: a young mother can adjust her diet by eliminating the sweet, fatty and fried, and also engage in strengthening the abdominal muscles (1.5-2.5 months after birth) and the chest. Long walks will benefit not only the baby but also your figure. Massage, a contrast shower, a visit to the pool will help to improve and consolidate the positive effect.

Who To Contact?

However, do not be upset if you cannot cope with any problem. Consult a cosmetologist, and he will help. With the help of the achievements of modern medicine, you can get rid of stretch marks, correct the shape, improve the way of the breast … But do not get carried away: keep in mind, the vast majority of men love their wives as they are.

Pregnancy Calendar: The Main Stages

When a baby’s heart begins to beat, eyes open, how long does the formation of various organs end? Does he hear music and smell?

All this happens gradually. The first trimester of pregnancy is the most important. During this period, the organs and systems of the baby are laid. In the second trimester – by about 15-16 weeks – you can determine the sex of the unborn child. In the middle of pregnancy (at about 20 weeks), the mother begins to feel the movement of the fetus. In the third trimester (from the 28th week), the fetus significantly gains weight; there is a “polishing” of its organs. If the baby is born after 28 weeks of pregnancy, it has a chance to survive with special care. However, normal delivery “on time” occurs at 36-42 weeks of pregnancy.

A pregnancy calendar will be a faithful helper for nine months, each week providing useful information about your future baby and changes in your well-being.

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