Pregnancy After 40 It Is Impossible To Postpone To Give Birth

How to distinguish fears of pregnancy after 40 years from real threats? How to decide on late childbirth, and most importantly, how to preserve the health of “age” mother and baby? Below are just the facts.

The age bar for childbirth is shifting farther and farther away, and the logical question arises – are there medical grounds for the age recommendations for delivery, or are all the obstacles in our head? The obstetrician-gynecologist helped us to answer these questions. Clinical Hospital on Yazza Nadezhda Konstantinovna Glukhova.

Each of us has its reproductive system age, which is determined genetically and also depends on the general state of health and lifestyle. This means that at the age of 40-45 two different women, who both look great, and both look after their health, will have completely different reproductive health status. It is primarily about the so-called ovarian reserve – the number of eggs that are in the ovaries and are capable of fertilization. Up to 25% of women suffer from ovarian reserve depletion and, as a result, infertility and the onset of premature menopause. After 30 years, the natural ability of women to conceive is gradually reduced, and after 43 years, most women lose their ability to imagine. However, there are women who, on the contrary, differ in late menopause,

What does this knowledge give us? If you postpone pregnancy for social reasons – the issue of housing, work, no husband, etc. is not resolved, it will not be superfluous to be examined and assess your ovarian reserve (the number of potentially fertilized eggs). So you, at least, will know how long you can maintain fertility, and therefore effectively plan your family and have children in the right period for you. This survey will help those who potentially dream of a second or third – and so on baby, but postpones the moment of conception.

In the West (and now with us) the practice of “delayed motherhood” has long been widespread among actively working women or women without a life partner. A woman maintains her healthy eggs in a cry bank to be able to conceive and give birth at an age when the natural ability to design will be reduced. Also, delayed maternity solves the problem with genetic pathologies, the risk of which increases dramatically in late birth. In short, modern medicine, if I may say so, allows you to outwit a bit of nature.

But, unfortunately, it is impossible to outwit nature in one thing – no matter how good we look, in the body, all the same, the oxidation processes take place, the methods of withering, chronic diseases accumulate with age. This is especially true of women living in large metropolitan areas experiencing persistent oxidative stress. The main areas of risk: for women, this is first of all: the scourge of our time is osteon Hondros of the spine. Rarely does anyone come to age 40 with a completely healthy back? The second – problems with blood pressure. The third – thyroid dysfunction, metabolic disorders. Therefore, the opinion that often exists in women that late labor completely rejuvenates the body and starts the process of regeneration and renewal is fundamentally wrong.

Late pregnancy is likely to ruthlessly expose all those weak points and hidden sores that have accumulated with age and which we could not even suspect.

The second is that the forming organism, the future baby, will take all the resources it needs. And if mother for some reason does not possess these resources due to age, the baby will develop with a delay. First of all, here we are talking about hormonal dysfunctions.

But let’s not talk only about the risks. You need to understand that if a woman becomes pregnant after 40 years, the conscious pregnancy will be the ideal situation. Even at the planning stage, it is advisable to undergo a severe medical examination with an extended examination by a cardiologist, an ophthalmologist, a meteorologist, an endocrinologist, a phlebologist, and a gynecologist. Back problems, pressure, blood sugar levels, and hormonal background – need to be addressed before pregnancy. Hope at random – not our topic in this case.

An exciting moment – before women gave birth to 8-10 children and quickly recovered. Now it seems impossible. The reason is that the woman’s body is created for multiple births – after giving birth and breastfeeding, the woman’s body does not produce eggs, that is, for a while is in the period of physiological amenorrhea, rest and rest of the ovaries. Upon completion of feeding, the woman becomes pregnant again. Thus, earlier for the entire reproductive period, the woman’s body produced the foreseeable number of eggs. We now produce eggs every month, non-stop, for many years – thus, our ovarian reserve and reproductive health as a whole is being depleted faster.

The next critical point in late childbirth. In addition to carrying the child and delivery, you should think in advance about the first year of the baby’s life. For the category of women 40+, this period may be the most difficult and require special attention.

It is no secret that it is the first years of raising a baby that depressingly affect women’s health, and indeed, with age, recovery processes slow down. Constant wearing of weights, sleepless nights, stress – in 20-30 years it will not be tolerated at all as in 40-45. A 40+ woman who wants to stay vigorous and flourishing, and most importantly a positive mother to her children, need to get enough sleep, eat a balanced diet, and keep her back. For this, it may be necessary to revise what we are accustomed to in the first pregnancies – to take care of ourselves, to actively use outside help (perhaps babysitters with accommodation), to learn to put our health on a par with the priorities dictated by the baby.

If you do not think this through in advance, the expectations of late parenthood may not only fail, but also lead to chronic health problems and, as a result, a lack of attention paid to the baby. Everything should be a joy and good for their health. Therefore, if we think about late childbirth, first of all, we count on strength and resources.

A separate topic – childbirth after 45 years, delivery on the background of the beginning menopause. In general, it is hardly possible to give general advice, since each such pregnancy will be individual and should take place under the strict supervision of an endocrinologist.

So, we summarize everything that is important for us to know about late pregnancy and childbirth after 40:

What is important is not the age itself, but the reproductive health of the woman that the gynecologist can evaluate. Modern technologies allow maintaining healthy and high-quality eggs for possible late pregnancy.

With age, chronic diseases accumulate that can adversely affect gestation. To stabilize the state of the problem systems of the body is necessary before the onset of pregnancy. Pregnancy under the supervision of an endocrinologist.

Do not neglect pregnancy screenings. If opportunities permit, consider the possibility of a non-invasive test (the embryo’s DNA isolated from the mother’s blood is being examined, identifying the five most common genetic syndromes, including diabetes).

For late births, the most acute period is the first years of the baby’s life. It is necessary to plan recovery procedures, the rhythm of the day, external assistance and honestly count your strength. This also applies to the future life of the child.

In pregnancy, it is essential to create conditions for full-fledged physical activity, ideally for a while to leave the city, to live in nature.

A psychologist’s consultation will help you to understand yourself – to follow your deepest desires. After all, sometimes the desire to have a child after 40 is an expression of completely different desires – the same fear of aging.

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