Signs Of Pregnancy That Can And Cannot Be Trusted

Delayed menstruation, morning sickness, mood changes, a sudden love of lemons and salt … Life hacker will tell you what to rely on, and what symptoms are just superstitions, and explain when to do a pregnancy test.

How long do pregnancy symptoms appear?

Talking about some more or less reliable signs can be no earlier than five weeks of pregnancy. It is always obstetric term. What is it?

The term for pregnancy is never counted from the moment to the origination since it is difficult to decide this date regardless of whether you know when you had sexual intercourse).

In order not to be confused, the gestation period is considered from the first day of the last menstruation. It is always measured in weeks, not months.

So why determine pregnancy will not work before five weeks? Let’s briefly understand the theory.

To make a pregnancy, the egg must meet with the sperm in the fallopian tube. It should happen within one to two days after ovulation – the maturation of the egg in the ovary. A fertilized egg from the fallopian tube is sent to the uterus to attach to it.

Several days pass between fertilization and the attachment of the embryo to the uterus.

First, the fertilized egg gets of the uterus; then it is still waiting to be attached. This period takes 5 to 9 days after conception. During the transition for the womb, the egg has time to share and form an embryo. If the division of the egg goes wrong, the defective fetus will not able to attach for the uterus. That the pregnancy will end without starting. And such cases are up to 80%, and most women do not notice such processes at all, because they cannot be traced. Then the fetus must attach to the wall of the uterus. It will take up to two weeks.

What does this mean for us? This means that trying to detect pregnancy immediately after sexual intercourse is meaningless.

As a rule, to understand that you are pregnant, you cannot go before the fifth or sixth week of pregnancy.

That is, about five weeks should pass from the first day of the last menstrual period. During this time, conception occurs, the egg attaches to the uterus, the body begins to produce hCG (a first hormone necessary for a successful start of pregnancy), the fertilized egg becomes noticeable with ultrasound. And this an even though you have a standard menstrual cycle – from 21 to 32 days. For exceptional cases and dates will be different.

Signs that indicate pregnancy

As we have already understood, immediately after sexual intercourse, it is not necessary to speak about any particular signs of pregnancy. Sometimes there are especially sensitive women who, at the level of intuition, can determine that something has changed in the body. But such sensations cannot be measured or confirmed, so it’s impossible to decide whether or not you are pregnant or not.

How To Suspect And Confirm Pregnancy?

A delay of more than seven days is a reason to go to the doctor and get tested to show exactly what happened. Sometimes during pregnancy, there are false menstruation, implant bleeding. If the usual monthly pass somehow wrong, it makes sense to check why.

Chest Hurts

This is an indirect symptom that may not appear at all or signal a chest disease (or an uncomfortable bra). Usually, the chest responds to hormonal changes in the body.

Positive pregnancy test

Pharmacy tests reveal the level of chg., the same hormone that is secreted when attaching the ovum to the uterus. Regarding this occurs at the same time in which monthly periods are delayed. Therefore, the tests are recommended to do from the first day of the delay.

Any home test can show a false result, so do not be lazy to repeat the test, and if you have any doubts – to conduct an accurate examination.

Blood Test For Chg.

For analysis in laboratory conditions, you need to donate blood from a vein on an empty stomach. Such a test is more accurate than rapid pharmacy tests, and you will get the result anyway quickly, maximum in a day.

The result may be false, but in sporadic cases, usually talking about some disease, but this is a topic for communicating with the doctor.


With ultrasound after the fifth week of pregnancy, the doctor can already see the ovum, recognize an ectopic pregnancy, and check the condition of the organs.

Fetal Heartbeat And Stirring

An obstetrician-gynecologist with the help of special equipment can hear the fetal heartbeat from the 8th-9th week, and from the 16th-18th week, only a stethoscope is required for this. By the 20th week, fetal movements are felt, and the forms often speak for themselves – this is the middle of pregnancy. But there are also such cases when a woman is unaware of her condition at this time.

The particular condition of the organs

Some signs of pregnancy are visible only to the doctor, and he will mark them when examined.

Early signs of pregnancy that say little

A woman’s body reacts to a new situation, so the condition of a pregnant woman is different from the usual. Some reactions will prompt what is happening.

Basal Temperature Increases

This can be noticed only by women, who check this temperature every day and do not make measurement errors. An increase in basal temperature indicates ovulation (favorable time for conception), pregnancy. Or just to the fact that she rose. Or even the usual statistical error.

Feeling Sick In The Morning

They like to show this sign in films so that the viewer understands that the heroine is pregnant. Pregnant women often torment toxicities in the first and second trimester. But toxicosis does not begin immediately after conception.

Nausea a week after the alleged conception is more likely a problem with digestion, not toxicosis.

Everything has changed

Due to new processes in the body, a lot is changing.

Always Want To Sleep.

The mood becomes unstable, irritability and tearfulness appear.

New taste habits appear: you want a sweet, sour, salty, unusual combination of products. And previous favorite dishes, on the contrary, cease to be like.

Feels unwell, as with a slight cold.

All of these signs are unstable, do not accurately indicate pregnancy, and provide an additional clue in the delay.

I often want to go to the toilet

Because the level of hCG is increasing, even at reasonably early stages a woman usually has to go to the washroom it appears that the bladder is always full, although this is not so. This symptom seems after attachment of the ovum to the uterus.

And frequent urination is a symptom of inflammation of the bladder, so do not confuse.

Fish had a dream

Even if the fish spawned, you should not count on signs. And try to detect pregnancy with iodine methods, a ring on a string and fortune telling. The usual test is done faster, and the results are more accurate.

How To Detect Pregnancy

To begin with – listen to yourself, but do not go crazy. More or less reliable signs appear a few weeks after conception, so it is not necessary to do a test every day and look under the microscope for two stripes. If you worry a lot about possible pregnancy, you can get a complete set of false symptoms: morning sickness, mood swings, and love of lemons with salt.

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