The Best Ovulation Detector to Aid Faster Conception

 Faster Conception

A woman should ovulate in order to get pregnant. That is why one of the most common ways for faster or surer pregnancy is determining ovulation. Good thing, you don`t anymore need to assess how your cervical mucus looks like to say that you are ovulating or not. There are now some ovulation detectors that can aid for faster conceiving.

Using an ovulation detector is not the best way for faster pregnancy. But at least, using one will help increase your chance to get pregnant.

Here are the important ovulation detectors when trying to get pregnant:

Ovulation Detector #1: Basal Body Thermometer

Perhaps you are already familiar with this ovulation detector. This is used to take your body temperature every morning before you rise up of bed. A basal body thermometer is needed in the process because it can detect slight changes in the body temperature. Conventional thermometers only show up lines and whole numbers as results. But basal body thermometers show the whole number and the decimal points. Meaning, result from it is more accurate, therefore more useful and precise in predicting your ovulation.

To use this ovulation detector, you are advised to take your temperature every morning before you rise up of bed. Do this every day for three months.

A slight change in your body temperature, from 0.5 to 1.6, is already a sign that you are fertile. You won`t feel this change but the ovulation detector can tell you that.

Ovulation Detector #2: Ovulation Predictor Kit

This ovulation detector looks like the pregnancy kit and is used almost the same way. You put a urine sample on the kit and it will detect any changes in your urine`s hormone content. Increased hormone is a sign that you are fertile.

For most women, this ovulation detector is better than the basal body thermometer because it can predict your ovulation 36 hours in advance compared with 24 hours with basal thermometer. Results from ovulation predictor kit are also more accurate.

However, results from this kit will sometimes show a false detection. To ensure you get more accurate results from this ovulation detector, you should carefully follow the manufacturer`s instructions.

Ovulation Detector #3: Mini Microscope

This device is very helpful in detecting changes in your saliva. When you are fertile, your saliva gets more salt. You will know it has more salt because the saliva crystallizes when it`s already dried up. This crystallizing happens three to four days before the ovulation period.

This ovulation detector can be more expensive than the basal thermometer or the ovulation prediction kit. But a mini microscope can be used over and over again and has more flexible uses, not just on predicting ovulation.

You can still use these ovulation detectors and there`s nothing wrong with that. But using these devices without the knowledge will only be useless. So, with these ovulation detectors.

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