Trying to Get Pregnant for 3 Months – What are the Possibilities?


Is trying to get pregnant for 3 months long enough? Actually, a three-month period to conceive is already a fast period. You`re already lucky to get pregnant within that time frame. But the question is not whether you are lucky or not but if it will lead to conception if you will be trying to get pregnant for 3 months.

The German Study

There was a German study that looked at how soon a woman can get pregnant. This study revealed that there is a 68% success rate if couple will be trying to get pregnant for 3 months.

The study was participated by 346 women. Of them all, 310 successfully conceived after one year. The remaining did not get pregnant at the course of the study.

In the first month, about 38% of these women are already pregnant. Trying to get pregnant for 3 months revealed 68% success rate. After six months, already 81% of women are pregnant. At the end of the year, 92% of all women are pregnant.

What will happen with other women who did not get pregnant? Researchers predicted that after two years from the start of the study, 5% of these women will get pregnant and the remaining percentage will get pregnant after four years of trying.

Now, you see, trying to get pregnant for 3 months is very possible. But do you know what these women did to make this possible? They familiarized their ovulation cycle. In short, they know exactly when they should have sex and get pregnant.

Familiarizing Ovulation

Familiarizing your ovulation is the key when trying to get pregnant for 3 months and be in the 68% success rate. Doing that is simple but will need a lot of patience.

Prepare an ovulation chart and a basal body thermometer. You can download an ovulation chart or create your own. Here`s what you`ll do:

Every morning before you get up, get your basal body temperature. The basal thermometer is specially made to detect even the slightest change in your body temperature. The slight rise of your temperature signals ovulation.

Do this every morning for the next three months. By that time, you can already assess the data and predict when your body temperature will rise.

You should have sex starting from six days before your predicted ovulation. By doing that, trying to get pregnant for 3 months will most likely result to conception.


What if you failed trying to get pregnant for 3 months? It`s okay if that`s the case because you will only be considered infertile by doctors if you`ve been trying for one year without any positive result. But if you are older than 34, then you should only give yourself a six-month timeframe before consulting a fertility specialist.

What`s more interesting is that most couples trying to get pregnant for 3 months and failed still continue to try conceiving. If that will be your decision.

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