Trying to Get Pregnant for Two Years – Should You Give Up Already?

Trying to Get Pregnant

Are you trying to get pregnant for two years already? I won`t be surprised if you are so hopeless to have a baby at this time. Couples trying to get pregnant for one year are already devastated—it could be more depressing if you`ve been trying to get pregnant for two years.

Actually, you should really be trying to get pregnant for two years before you can say your case is hopeless. The statistics will make you understand why you should keep on hoping.

Fertility Statistics

Only about 20% of couples will be pregnant after the first month of trying. About 70% of trying couples will be successful within six months and that figure will increase to 85% after 12 months of trying. How about if you are trying to get pregnant for two years? Couples successful trying for that long is around 95%.

Now, if you are trying to get pregnant for two years and beyond that, you should not feel sad at all. The number of couples who failed getting pregnant beyond two years is decreasing.

Only about 4.3% of couples will fail after trying to get pregnant for two years while 1% will fail after four years. Only 0.6% will fail after trying for five years.

So, as you keep on trying to get pregnant, your chances of failing decreases and your chances of getting pregnant naturally increases.

The statistics say that if you are trying for two years already, you should instead keep your hope burning especially that you can do some ways to speed up getting pregnant.

Some doctors will already consider you as infertile after trying for at least a year. But it does not mean you can`t get pregnant. You only need a special care to really hit that jackpot.

How to Speed Up Getting Pregnant

Although your chances to get pregnant increases as you age, this may also hinder your success because as you get older, you get more infertile. It`s wise to make a move now that you are younger and have already trying to get pregnant for two years. Besides, the key for a natural and successful conception is timing.

Having sex everyday will not really help but having sex once during the right days will be a big plus.

To do this, you should get familiar with your ovulation cycle. You should be able to predict when will be your ovulation. You can do this by recording your menstrual cycle and getting your temperature everyday, before you get up of bed, for two months.

After getting the data, you can confidently predict when will be your next ovulation. Have sex once everyday starting from about four days before the predicted ovulation period. This will radically increase your chance of conceiving.

Aside from timing, you should also get help from experts especially if you`ve been trying to get pregnant for two years.

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