Tubal Obstruction – Causes and Treatment

Tubal obstruction

You are still lucky if you have tubal obstruction. You don`t anymore need to undergo surgery to correct your fallopian tube unlike about 70 years ago when women suffering tubal obstruction have no other choice but to undergo surgery. Today, you simply need to undergo in vitro fertilization. No surgery needed, only the fertilization of cells outside the womb.

Although that`s the case, it is still important to know what causes tubal obstruction and what are the possible treatments to cure tubal obstruction for good. It`s because about 30% of all infertility problems around the world is pointed at tubal obstruction. That`s already a lot considering that there are many other reasons for being infertile.

You Have Tubal Obstruction, So What?

It`s not really wise to ignore having tubal obstruction. This condition is characterized by a blocked fallopian tube. This fallopian tube is where the egg cells should be travelling through down to the uterus. But because this is blocked, that means the egg cells cannot travel down to the uterus anymore. Therefore, the sperm cells won`t be able to meet the egg cells so that fertilization will occur. In short, with tubal obstruction, getting pregnant is almost impossible because fertilization is almost impossible to occur.

The tubal obstruction has varying causes—ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis, tubal ligation, adhesions, and infection scarring.

How To Know that You Have Tubal Obstruction?

It`s not easy to know if you have tubal obstruction. You`ll need the help of a doctor to make sure your infertility is caused by this condition. Here are some ways to check if you have tubal obstruction:

– Hysterosalpingogram. This is a common procedure to check tubal obstruction. This is an x-ray test where in a dye must be injected into your fallopian tubes to see if these are blocked.

– Hysterosonogram. This is a transvaginal ultrasound examination done to check if the tubes are blocked.

– Laparoscopic Surgery. This procedure involves inserting a small camera through the incision inside your abdomen to see the tubes and see if these are blocked.

Tubal Obstruction Treatment

Luckily, there are a number of ways to treat tubal obstruction:

– Salpingectomy. The doctor will use this only if one fallopian tube is blocked. This procedure involves the removal or sealing of the blocked tube to give way to the non-blocked or functioning tube.

– Laparoscopy. This surgical procedure involves using a device called laparoscope. This is used to see the fallopian tube and remove any blockage from it through making a small opening.

– Recanalization. In this procedure, the doctor will use a tiny wire or other similar instruments to reach the fallopian tube through the uterus and remove the obstruction.

These procedures are done to treat tubal obstruction for good. But if you don`t want to undergo any of these but you want to get pregnant, you have a choice to undergo in vitro fertilization. This way, egg cells and sperm cells do not need to meet in the uterus anymore. The already fertilized egg that has developed to being embryo needs to be implanted to the uterus and you can be pregnant.

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