Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Every woman understands that during pregnancy she will gain weight. And when it comes to the fact that the body will change, that the belly will grow, the chest, buttocks, and hips will increase, often the woman says: “Well, you have to bear it! It must be so. ” In today’s world, few people have a positive attitude to this process. There is still a lot to the growing belly, but the approach to the increase in the rest of the body is often different.

Weight gain during pregnancy is not only because the child grows in the body. The chest increases in preparation for lactation, which means that from the previous weight is added from 200 to 500 grams, and in some cases – 1-1.5 kg.

Besides the child itself, the uterus grows, which becomes very heavy, it is filled with the amniotic waters surrounding the child, there is the placenta, which develops during pregnancy and also has a certain weight. In a woman’s body, the number of collagen cells is also increasing, which actively generate so that the tissues become more resilient to the period of birth.

Weight gain during pregnancy also causes an increase in the amount of adipose tissue, because at this time special reserves are being created for the future since fat is one of the suppliers of energy. He can well rescue a woman in a stressful postpartum condition. Besides, it is clear that after giving birth, the young mother needs to recover and immediately begin to care for the baby and breastfeed him. It turns out, the need for energy increases at times, but where to get it? Of course, a woman will eat, but it often happens that young mothers are so twisted that they don’t have time to eat, and here come to the fat aid reserves accumulated by the body during pregnancy on the buttocks, hips, the back and stomach.

Also, the amount of circulating blood in the woman’s body increases, and the whole bloodstream develops in the child. All these components are summed up and turn into that “terrible” figure that a pregnant woman sees when she gets on the scales.

Do not forget that these are useful grams and kilograms that are needed just to carry a healthy baby, give birth to it safely, recover and breastfeed a baby.

We now turn to the actual numbers. The rate of weight gain during pregnancy in our country is from 9 to 12 kg. Such a rule, in my opinion, is narrower than it is required to understand how unique and diverse situations occur in pregnant women. If we take the Dutch standards, we will see completely different indicators – from 5 to 25 kg. Such a rule is, instead, more realistic: you need to understand that every woman becomes pregnant under their specific circumstances.

Some in the first months of pregnancy suffer from severe toxicities, which leads to significant weight loss: sometimes a woman loses a few pounds in the first three months. Some women become pregnant with an initial lack of weight or, on the contrary, with an initial overweight. And these are entirely different situations. And then, the constitution and the physique also have a significant impact on weight gain during pregnancy: a woman with a height of 1, 56 cm and a future mother with a growth of 1.85 cm will certainly not gain the same number of kilograms during pregnancy. And in this sense, the Dutch rules, of course, are more correct.

I can give you such a vivid example: recently a woman who had an excess weight before pregnancy went to my courses. But, having become pregnant, she began to eat much less than she had eaten before that time. This is an excellent indicator, indicating that the body has activated its forces to use excess fat, the accumulation of past years in the energy of the child’s development. And this woman gained only 5.5 kg, giving birth to a healthy child weighing 3.5 kg. And for her, this is the norm.

But if a woman became pregnant with an initial deficiency of body weight, then for her a set of 5.5 kg would be rather an alarming signal. In my experience were pregnant women who worked in the modeling business. It is clear that such a woman will have a completely different weight gain during pregnancy: first, the body will work to overcome the mass deficit, then the child, and then the reserve for the future. And it turns out that then a pregnant woman can gain all 25 kg, given the fact that in the modeling business there are more often tall girls. And for her 25 kg will be the norm. Although if you compare her weight gain during pregnancy with dialed 5.5 kg of a woman with the original overweight, of course, the numbers seem incomparable, and both became the norm. Therefore, I believe that our norms are still narrow, and here we need to look at each situation separately.

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