When Infertility Solution Is Unsuccessful

Infertility Solution

Every infertility solution promises successful results. No wonder why statistics say that 90% of all infertility problems can be cured. That`s good news especially for infertile couples like you. There is only one problem, though. No infertility solution promises 100% cure. What if you will belong to the small 10% of incurable infertility?

Problems with Every Infertility Solution

Not all infertility solutions are perfect—in fact, all of these are imperfect. Here are some problems with some infertility solutions:

Surgical Treatments – Operative hysteroscopy and operative laparoscopy are both expensive and medically invasive infertility solutions. With these, tubal adhesions, endometriosis, and other infertility problems can be resolved. However, these are not guaranteed to resolve infertility for good. Operative laparoscopy, for instance, may lead to recurring adhesions.

Clomiphene Citrate – This is a common medication for increasing the number of egg cells. It can be effective but it can be too much effective that it may result to having multiple births, which is not always a good thing for some couples.

Follicle Stimulating Hormone – This is more expensive medication than the Clomiphene Citrate. But this is not a highly effective infertility solution. It can also increase the risk of having multiple babies and ovarian hyperstimulation.

Intrauterine Insemination – With this procedure, sperm cells are injected to be nearer to the cervix so that fertilization success will be more. The problem with this infertility solution is that sperms used are not always healthy.

In Vitro Fertilization – This is a very effective infertility solution but also very invasive and expensive, costing to about $12,000 every round. This is a more effective infertility solution despite the price but you can`t be guaranteed cure with it.

Of course, you would always want to be optimistic that you will still get pregnant and have a child. But there are really times that you just need to give up hoping and try other options if these infertility solutions are ineffective for you.

Two Choices When Infertility Solutions Are Unsuccessful

You only have two choices if you can`t get pregnant with all of the infertility solutions you tried. First, to adopt a child and second, to give up having a child.

If you are so eager to be a parent, you can choose to adopt children. There are people who are not yet ready to be parents but they are already faced with having a child. Raising a child is a very big responsibility that taking it without the desire will only affect the child`s future so much. You can save one or even more children by giving them a normal family and lovable parents like you.

If adoption is not okay with the two of you, then you can choose not to have a child at all. Struggling with infertility can last for years, making you so much stressed to be a parent. This can be bitter but if you think it`s the best for you, then go ahead.

As a last note: even though no infertility solution will work for you, just keep on trying all possible solutions as long as you still have even that smallest spark of hope. There are books teaching alternative medicines promising you to finally get pregnant and have a baby.

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