Zilling Pregnancy: What You Need To Know  

A woman of any age can face a problem called missed abortion. The causes of this phenomenon are numerous factors and circumstances. Careful care of your body during the period of conception and strict adherence to the recommendations of the leading specialist during the period of gestation will help prevent fading.

This pathology – the phenomenon is not so frequent. However, not so rare as to assume that it can never touch you. The likelihood of a frozen pregnancy compared to a healthy pregnancy is approximately 1 to 170. Therefore, it is essential for a pregnant woman to monitor her condition and know well how a frozen pregnancy manifests itself to recognize the symptoms of this disease in the time since it is fraught with severe complications for a woman’s health.

Zimmer Chaya pregnancy means by itself the wrong course of pregnancy, as a result of which the fetus stops developing and growing. The result of this process is fetal death. The method of fetal fading can occur at any stage of pregnancy, but most often it happens in the first trimester. Fading of the fetus causes inflammation of the female body and complications of various kinds.

The main danger of missed abortion is that the dead fetus can begin to decompose, and a focal point of infection will arise within the body.

Of course, the woman’s body is trying to reject the dead fetus. But this process is not carried out instantly. It usually takes 2-2.5 weeks, after which a miscarriage occurs. This does not generally happen, and in this case, to extract the fetus, it is necessary to resort to medical procedures.

Statistics show that missed abortion occurs most often in the first trimester. The most dangerous is the 8th week, during which the principal organs of the embryo are laid. Also, the peaks of the probability of occurrence of pathology are observed at 3-4, 9-11 and 16-18 weeks. The likelihood of death of the fetus at a later date is much lower. Nevertheless, pregnancy frozen in the 9th month is not an incredible event and, unfortunately, occurs.

What factors because missed abortion?

The leading causes of pregnancy freezing include:

Diseases of viral and infectious origin in a pregnant

Rhesus conflict

Blood clotting disorders

Uterus pathologies, congenital or acquired

Previously performed abortions

Hormonal imbalance

Unbalance in nutrition

Eating harmful products

Drug Abuse


Genetic predisposition

Dangerous working conditions

IVF or artificial insemination

Pathology of this kind can provoke the presence of acute infectious diseases and bad habits. Disrupted hormonal background of the future mom of able to disrupt the genetic environment of the embryo. This is facilitated by the use of alcohol, drugs, for smoking. Among the infectious diseases that contribute to the occurrence of missed abortion, there may be such common domestic infections as influenza, acute respiratory infections, rubella. Also dangerous are toxoplasmosis and sexually transmitted diseases: chlamydia, troche monists, mycoplasma moss, and others.

In the woman with identified infectious diseases such as herpes, the probability of a fading pregnancy increases several times. If a woman wants to give birth to a robust and healthy child, all these reasons are eliminated before conception.

The fading accompanies another common circumstance in the form of a genetic abnormality to the fetus in the beginning times. This is because of a genetic issue that makes the hatchling unviable. With the full health of both partners, the repetition of this phenomenon is excluded. However, subsequent fetal deaths indicate a severe genetic disorder.

With fading caused by a violation of the genetic nature, we can talk about the absence of specific hormones engaged with the procedure of consolidation of the embryo.

In some cases, the so-called Rhesus conflict occurs. It occurs when the fetus has a decisive Rh factor in the blood, and a negative one in the mother. Therefore, the mother’s body produces antibodies, which is why the fetus is oxygen deprived.

A violation of blood clotting in the mother’s body can also lead to a fading pregnancy. The result of this disorder is the presence of blood clots in the vessels of the placenta and the violation of the blood supply to the fetus.

Also, statistics show that during in vitro fertilization, pregnancy freezing occurs more often than natural. In women who give birth after 35 years, pathology is also more common than in young.



The expectant mother should avoid the influence of all negative factors provoking the appearance of pathology. During pregnancy, in the necessary to refrain from drinking alcohol, to reduce the level of stress and physical exertion, especially weight lifting, to eat correctly and balanced. Wear loose clothing that does not squeeze the lower abdomen.


Pregnancy fading is possible at all stages of pregnancy, but most often it occurs in the first trimester. Therefore, the possible symptoms of missed abortion should usually be given special attention in the early months.

First of all, fading can manifest itself in the form of severe pain in the lower abdomen. Depression can be pulling or cramping. Contractions of the uterus cause them. Vaginal bleeding is also observed, rather than bright or milky, which is normal. This suggests that there was a detachment of the ovum. Discharges containing pus may indicate that the pregnancy has stopped for a long time, and at the moment the fetus is decaying. In the second trimester, when pregnancy is frozen, the main symptom is the absence of movements of the embryo. In this case, there is a further increase in the abdomen. In this case, the development of the intra par Billing Pregnancy tum membrane with the dead fetus.

Also, one of the symptoms of pregnancy may be a decrease or lack of sensitivity and tenderness of the mammary glands.

Particular attention should be noted on toxicities, or rather, in its absence. Toxicities in one form or another are observed in most pregnant women. If you notice a dramatic disappearance of the symptoms of toxicities, then this is a reason to be wary.

Another sign is a decrease in basal temperature. However, it can be useful only if a woman constantly measures the basal temperature.

However, Signs Of Missed Abortion Cannot Always Be Recognized At The Initial Stage.

Sometimes, pathology may experience a strong increase in temperature. If a woman has a fever, this may be due to the beginning of the process of decomposition of the fetus.

What To Do When Symptoms Are Found?

If you suspect you have missed abortion and you see characteristic signs, then you should not pull. It is necessary to consult to doctor immediately.

In the case of a high-temperature increase, you should contact your doctor immediately! This may indicate an advanced stage of pathology. Delay to this case is fraught with sepsis and death!

It is possible to diagnose pregnancy fading with the help of ultrasound and laboratory blood tests. It is also an essential examination by a gynecologist, who can show whether the size of the uterus has changed. An ultrasound scan can determine if the fetus has a heartbeat and whether the size of the fetus is suitable for gestation. Laboratory studies provide information about the level of hormones, especially of human chorionic gonadotropin. In some cases, it may be found that the fetus is absent.

The actions of doctors during missed abortion largely depend on the period at which it was detected. There are three main approaches:

Spontaneous miscarriage. In many cases, it happens on its own, due to a decrease in hormone levels. If there is a possibility that a miscarriage will occur in a few days by itself, then of the preferable to wait for it rather than using medicines.

Medical miscarriage. The method is used if the pregnancy lasts no more than eight weeks.

Removal of the fetus surgically. It consists of cleaning the uterus. This operation should be carried out in a hospital.

In any case, after the termination of the pregnancy antibiotic therapy is prescribed. Also, drugs for contraception, vitamin complexes, antibiotics, drugs that increase immunity can be specified. These measures are used to prevent the disease. Repeated repetition of this situation indicates the need for a survey.

Pregnancy freezing, as a rule, has no dire consequences. In most cases, with the right therapy, the next pregnancy is possible already in 3-6 months. Acquired infertility after missed abortion rarely develops, only in 1 out of 10 cases.

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